MBIA Mayor's Cup Presented to Michigan Sen. Jack Brandenburg at Detroit Boat Show

Detroit Boat Show - It's All About the Boats!
As Michigan's economy rebounds, so has the marine industry in this Great Lakes State. New boat, motor, trailer and accessories sales in Michigan have increased over the past 4 years, outpacing the national average each year. Along with this increase comes an increase in the size of the state's premier boating sales event - the Detroit Boat Show. In just 4 years the show has nearly doubled in size from 200,000 to 350,000 square feet. With more exhibitors and expanded exhibits, there are more boats & more brands to see and purchase!
Get Your Michigan Boating Safety Card, Expand Your Boating Skills Courses Offered Starting in January
It may seem early, but the boating season is actually not far off. Did you know, everyone born after June 30, 1996 must have Michigan's DNR Boating Safety Card to operate a boat? Also, everyone born after December 31, 1978 must have this card to operate a Personal Water Craft (e.g. Jet Ski, Sea Doo). As highly experienced Great Lakes boaters ourselves, your Local United State Power Squadron provides the best, full line of boating education, from beginner to advanced subjects.
Michigan Recreational Boating Industries Educational Foundation Re-launch Announced
The Recreational Boating Industries Educational Foundation (RBIEF) Board of Directors has announced a new direction for the foundation and has made a commitment to provide education and support to all members of the Michigan Boating Industries Association.
Lake St. Clair a great North American fishing destination
The Lake St. Clair fishery - which includes fish, people and habitat - is widely regarded as one of the best in North America, and provides significant social and economic benefits. Fish such as yellow perch (the favorite food fish in the Great Lakes) and walleye represent significant protein sources. Economically, the Michigan waters of the Lake St. Clair system generated $36 million in economic activity in 2004 alone. Fishing is, for many, a lot of fun, and as a recreational fishery, it provides many physical and mental benefits to people. Moreover, a healthy fish population equals a more stable ecosystem.
The Start to Better Health is at Home!
Getting fit doesn't require signing up for the local yoga or spinning classes. Instead, getting adequate exercise can be found right in your living room. Try out these simple, targeted exercises to stay in shape.