2017 Harrison Township Parade of Lights: a Moving Nautical Festival of Color and Light

The 2017 Harrison Township Parade of Lights was bigger and more colorful than ever before, according to many who watched boat after brightly lit boat cruise up and down the Clinton River.

Held last Saturday night, August 5, the parade featured 23 boats from several marinas and other area locations.  However, it seemed that Markley Marine was particularly well represented, as many boats and thousands of revelers were spotted there.

Leading the Parade of Lights was the Pride of Michigan, an 81-foot former U.S. Navy training ship, which is now home to the Noble Odyssey Foundation and its Sea Cadet program.  Now in its 40th year, the program was founded by Luke Clyburn, who captained the Pride on parade night.

Throughout the evening, Captain Clyburn could be heard blowing his ship’s air horn as parade goers along the shore and in boats, cheered loudly.

Winners of the 2017 Harrison Twp. Parade of Lights were:

  • Grand Prize Winner- Captain Jim Charbonneau #18
  • 2nd Place Winner-Brian Vartanian #21
  • Divison 1- Jerry Angst #3
  • Divison 2- Terri Sikorski #10
  • Division 3- Jim Bloss #14
  • Division 3 -Bonnie Taggart #6
  • Division #4- Eric Langer/ North Star Sail Club #23

Proceeds from the 2017 Harrison Township Parade of Lights were used to benefit the Noble Odyssey Foundation, a 501C3, and the Sea Cadet Program.

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