Sunday Night Concert Series at Lake St. Clair Metropark

Sunday, August 11th 6:30-9pm

The Sunday night concert series is the perfect way to extend your weekend and enjoy a concert is at Lake St. Clair Metropark’s Activity Center.  From big band swing to country or top 40 to rock and blues, they will have the sounds to get your feet tapping or have you dancing the night away.

Tony Camilletti is a native Detroiter whose vocals were influenced by stylish jazz masters such as Tony Bennett. His velvety, soulful style has been compared to Mathis, Vandross, Torme, Cole, Darin and Sinatra. Tony’s musical tastes are fully based in the American Songbook, as he is determined to keep the classics alive. He has co-headlined the jazz-duets group Cheek to Cheek, leads the Tony Camilletti Quartet and the vintage-rock group, Blackbird, and has entertained audiences in Washington DC, San Francisco and throughout the metro Detroit area.