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About Wolverine Broach Co., Inc.
Whatever your broaching needs, Wolverine will meet them on time, accurately and cost efficiently. Their capabilities include design, engineering and manufacturing of broaching tools and related tooling used in the broaching operation.
Bernard Aude, Jr. started working at Wolverine Broach in 1972 after earning an engineering degree from the University of Michigan. In addition, he opened Wolverine Production & Engineering in 1982. With this addition, Wolverine Broach was able to provide a full spectrum of broaching services from tool manufacturing to the production broaching process. In 1996 he expanded our operations to include a 4,200 sq. ft. southeast division located in Alcoa, Tennessee to accommodate the day-to-day needs of the southeast region. Bernard Aude, Jr. is the current owner and President of Wolverine Broach. Wolverine is are proud they are American owned company with three generations of the Aude family involved in their operations.
 Products - Wolverine Broach produces the highest quality broaches for a wide variety of industries including automotive, aircraft, government, lawn and garden equipment, and hand tool. They also provide on-site support, broach management packages and in-house engineering services.
 Services – Their goal is to re-grind, replace, and recondition your broaches to your complete satisfaction. They provide technical support to help improve the life of your tools and avoid unnecessary downtime in your shop. We can also accommodate blanket orders, split deliveries and stocking commitments.

Wolverine is equipped with the latest computer technology including ERP software that allows us to schedule and track our jobs from start to finish and CAD software that helps us to provide innovative solutions to complex broaching requirements.
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