Wallaceburg, Ontario

(519) 627-4113

152 Duncan St
Wallaceburg, ON N8A4E2
Lat: 42.5950421
Long: -82.3841580

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About Wallaceburg, Ontario
Wallaceburg is a community of approximately 11,000, strategically located along the banks of the scenic Sydenham River, which flows directly into the St. Clair River that connects the Great Lakes, the world’s largest fresh water system – and is only a short drive away from five Canadian/U.S. border crossings, conveniently located between Detroit on the west and Toronto on the east. Wallaceburg’s unique marina facilities make the town an ideal vacation spot for the fishing, boating and hunting enthusiast. Docking right along the downtown core offers the convenience of shopping and dining all a few steps away. Wallaceburg’s rustic charm presents itself through the easygoing friendly manner of its citizens. It exudes the warmth and character associated with small town living. Wallaceburg is a unique, friendly and growing community that glows with pride. We have a close, respectful relationship with our First Nation neighbours on Walpole Island. Our greatest asset is our people. Our infrastructure supports our quality of life. We are generating our own green energy and our schools are thriving. We have an active community that supports the needs of both our seniors and youth. We have a very rich history, which we showcase and celebrate. With state-of-the-art trails, waterways and pathways for cyclists and walkers, we promote a healthy active lifestyle. Our medical facilities serve the needs of our population and our local health care is excellent, celebrating health and wellness. Wallaceburg has experienced challenges in economy and is moving towards a brighter future. Since 2000, various local volunteer initiatives have been undertaken to be a catalyst for economic, social, and cultural re-growth making Wallaceburg a great place to live, work and play.
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