The Hayloft

(586) 468-1010

140 North Main
Mount Clemens, MI 48043
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Lat: 42.6000814
Long: -82.8762564

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About The Hayloft
One of the biggest clubs on the eastside reinvents itself as a premiere destination for live acts, nightlife action The Hayloft in Mt. Clemens celebrated its re-grand opening this past weekend after closing in early 2007 and reopening as the Keys that spring. “The Hayloft has been around for nearly 30 years with the exception of the last two years when they switched formats to a dueling piano bar and changed the name to the Keys,” says Mitchell, who was the general manager and talent buyer from 2004-2006. He currently owns the Hayloft with band mates Critical Bill. “After an unsuccessful stint under the new format, the original owner Ron Masters called me to discuss the possibility of returning to the club. After several meetings, we came to an agreement and partnered up to bring back the Hayloft.” With a focus on local and national rock music, the Hayloft’s return brought back die-hard rockers and long-time Hayloft fans.
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