St Clair Flats

(810) 748-9504

1803 Krispin Rd
Harsens Island, MI 48028
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Lat: 42.6001913
Long: -82.5911853

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About St Clair Flats
The Flats is a large coastal marsh that provides critical habitat for migratory waterfowl, wading birds, sport and forage fish, muskrats and other aquatic life. The St. Clair Flats Management Plan was developed to provide a sound basis for future management decisions concerning the protection of this unique area for the benefit of the general public. A second objective of the plan is to provide greater certainty to leaseholders that the State is committed to honoring the leases entered into good faith by private individuals. The Management Plan also provides incentives so that developed structures will be well maintained and proper sanitary facilities will be installed.
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