Shores Life District

Lat: 42.50041
Long: -82.88633

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About Shores Life District
The Shores Life District includes the lovely lakeside municipality of St. Clair Shores. With a name that exemplifies the lake, you would expect the ties between the community and the water to be significant and in the Shores Life District it is.   This town of nearly 60,000 is spread across 11.5 square miles, and  8.0 miles sit astride the Lake St. Clair shoreline. There are a multitude of canals along which homes are situated, and this extends the “waterfront” identity even more.
This District also has no less than 4 waterfront and 10 neighborhood parks, 2 city marinas, pool, waterslide, dog park, water park, Kyte Monroe Park with 7 baseball fields, 2 tennis courts, horseshoe pits, 2 basketball courts, batting cages and concession stand, 2 ice rinks, city golf course, Senior Center for Active Adults, organized athletic and special interest programs.
All in all, the Shores Life District is a true lakeside lifestyle place perfect to spend a weekend, rent an apartment or buy a home.
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