Riverview Campground - Algonac State Park

(810) 794-0182

4175 Pointe Tremble Rd
Algonac, MI 48001
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Lat: 42.6205103
Long: -82.5665454

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About Riverview Campground - Algonac State Park
Many people stay at this campground through their tour to Algonac State Park. There is so much fun stuff to do in close proximity to Riverview Campground, and to be at this campground is always fun. Algonac State Park is a brilliant location to go if you're at Riverview Campground, and the smiling people of Algonac like to hang out close by. Camping in Michigan is such an enjoyable activity. During the summertime months here at Riverview Campground, high temperatures frequently get into the 80's; the nighttime is fairly chillier of course, mostly in the 60's. For the period of the winter highs are in the 20's; overnight lows in the 10's for Riverview Campground. Among the things you can do right next door to Riverview Campground are playing golf, swimming, and fishing, so running out of exciting stuff to do won’t happen. Riverview Campground is enormously well liked by the people of Algonac. All the delightful local attractions in the neighborhood and all the outdoors recreation will without doubt have you coming back time and again. Everybody must go for a weekend of camping every so often, and Riverview Campground in Michigan is such a magnificent site. From a rain point of view Riverview Campground is a reasonably common location; of all the months in a year August is the one with the most rain, and January meanwhile is the driest month. This is a great campground. Don' leave Riverview Campground without visiting Lakeport State Park. Famous Michigan kindness and the enormously ably operated facilities have people coming from far and wide.
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