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About Morman Marine Surveyors
Morman Marine Surveyors provide a fair and honest assessment of your fiberglass or wood boat for purposes of buying, selling and insurance. Both Jack and Matt are Accredited Marine Surveyors® as members of Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors®.

Morman Marine Surveyors believes it is best to keep both your feet in one boat at a time. Some area surveyors have careers outside the boating industry, supplementing their income with surveying. Morman Marine Surveyors are professional Accredited surveyors that have been a part of the boat service industry since 1963, focused on the satisfaction of their customers. Their experiences in major and minor repairs, thermal imaging, new construction, composite technologies, rigging, offshore racing, boat deliveries and marine surveys have built the knowledge contained in each survey report. Contributing their experience to your needs in boating, Morman Marine Surveyors can deliver the most comprehensive survey.
A marine survey is the best way to get familiar with any vessel in question for the purpose of safety, value, function and personal compatibility, with those parties involved in the purchase and use of the vessel. A marine surveyor operates in the interest of the client, governing regulations, lending institutions and insurance companies involved in the purchase or continued operation of the vessel in question. Presenting facts and opinions without prejudice is how Morman Marine Surveyors maintain integrity throughout the industry; theyreport what they see.
Morman Marine Surveyors have been using thermal imaging since 2008. Thermal imaging is a non-destructive inspection on a vessel. It is possible to detect problems previously serviced by core sampling without contacting the surface of the boat. Temperature differentials can expose hidden problems like delamination, fractures, moisture and lightning strikes.  Thermal Imaging can detect potential problems that would be invisible to the naked eye, and even to many instruments. Electrical, mechanical, propulsion, power generation and other systems often show unusual heat variations before failure. Likewise, structural problems in FRP, wood, and composite laminates are frequently accompanied by abnormal heat signatures. Such problems are clearly visible to thermal imaging, with its extremely sensitive heat detection capabilities, allowing problems to be detected early and helping to avoid costly and catastrophic failures.

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