Michigan Transit Museum

(586) 463-1863

200 Grand Ave
Mount Clemens, MI 48046
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Lat: 42.6002793
Long: -82.8907501

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About Michigan Transit Museum
The train leaves Joy Park for a 45 minute ride on a route laid around the turn of the century. It then served the sugar beet mill of Mt. Clemens (Franklin) Sugar Company. Today's route includes small industrial developments, farmlands and suburban areas. There is also a group of 6 deer that we often see along the way. Along the route is the Selfridge Military Air museum with many planes on display. Equipment Locomotive #1807, an S-1, was built in 1941 by the American Locomotive Company. Weighing in at 99 tons, it has a 660 horsepower diesel engine. When first built, it served ALCO as a yard switcher. Later, it was sold to the U.S. Army and worked at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. It was declared army surplus, then obtained by MTM. "EL" cars numberd 4442 and 4450 were built in 1924 by the Cincinnati Car Company for the elevated ("El") commuter railroad system of the Chicago Transit Authority. These 38 ton cars operated various city routes until 1974. MTM acquired these cars in 1976. Caboose number 77058 was built near the turn of the century for the Grand Trunk Railroad and operated over most of the system. Locomotive #4040, an RS4TC, was built in 1951 by Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton and rebuilt in 1992 with a Caterpillar 500HP diesel engine and EMD controls. It was declared surplus by Selfridge ANG Base in 1995 and subsequently acquired by MTM. Also, currently under restoration are a Toronto and a Detroit PCC Streetcar.
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