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About Marine Sales & Repair
If it’s a boat part you seek, you don’t have to go much further than Marine Sales and Repair in Harrison Township. Earl Stilson, a 40-year veteran of the marine industry, has built what many think of as a marine parts museum, with tens of thousands of parts and products spanning generations of boats and boat builders.
Earl takes exception to the “museum” moniker, however, and as the sign on his door states, “We are not a museum. Our parts are for Sale.” That is as close to a slogan as Marine Sales and Repair has.
In his 14,500 square foot Harrison Township facility, built in 1984, Earl maintains the largest assortment of vast parts inventory (he has a separate 10,000 square foot warehouse in Mount Clemens dedicated to just marine engine parts). Plus, he has seven semi-trailers loaded with more parts that have not been catalogued into inventory yet. “We have a lot of parts,” he says modestly.
Earl added to his inventory in 1987, when he bought the parts supply of boat-builder Century. Two years later, he bought the obsolete inventories owned by Chris Craft and traveled to their various plants and warehouses around the country to bring parts back to Michigan.   Some parts, like engine gaskets, thermostat housings and water pumps, are no longer available from any manufacturer, so Earl manufactures and stocks them for customers.
Today, Earl is one of the most colorful and valued “characters” you’ll find around Lake St. Clair. Many of his customers have become friends, and vice versa, and a gathering can be found on any given day at Earl’s place happy just to chat about boats and boat parts. His association with legendary racing boat drivers is well known, and he still counts race drivers Fred Alter and Sandy Ross among his close friends.
Earl has taken in and stripped down so many boats, he can recognize the difference between quality and an accident waiting to happen. His experience shows how and where some well intentioned owner has taken shortcuts that may lead to a dangerous situation—and has actually fabricated higher quality solutions to prevent those things from happening.
Earl Stilson is widely known in the community for his involvement and generosity, especially with children’s medical issues.   Back in the 1940s, Earl had to undergo multiple surgeries to correct various maladies, and 10 of those operations were performed at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Recently, Earl gave back to the venerable institution with a gift that allowed them to build the 48,000 square foot Children’s Hospital of Michigan Stilson Specialty Center in Macomb County.
Earl is epitome of a successful entrepreneur, a self-made man with humble beginnings who through tenacity and hard work has built and bought a number of businesses. They may not all be museums, but Marine Sales & Repair certainly qualifies as a boater’s museum where you can buy the art.  
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