Luigi's Original Restaurant

(586) 468-7711

36691 Jefferson
Harrison Twp, MI 48045
Lat: 42.5691196
Long: -82.8393996

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About Luigi's Original Restaurant
Award winning pizza, lamb chops, prime rib, pasta and seafood specialties in a nostalgic local landmark. Full bar, extensive wine and beer. Carry-out available.  Opened in 1953 as a neighborhood pizzeria, this nostalgic local landmark has grown over the years to include more than the great pizza still being served. An extensive menu and full service bar that has something for everyone, if you don’t mind a bit of a wait, cozy quarters, and a friendly clientele. Luigis is open seven days a week to provide delicious food and exceptional service. Our, loyal, dedicated staff, many employed for over 10 years, recognize our guests as the “regulars” that they are, and look forward to welcoming those “first timers”.
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