Lakeshore District

Lat: 42.2863
Long: -82.7052

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About Lakeshore District
The Lakeshore District along the southern shoreline of Lake St. Clair in Ontario actually encompasses several cities, towns and villages, including Puce, Emeryville, Belle River, Deerbrook and Stoney Point on into Lighthouse Cove.  Along this stretch of coastline, visitors will find virtually anything they’re looking for, from lakefront dining to swimming and fishing to antiquing, exploring and much more.   
 The new Town of Lakeshore was established in 1999 by the amalgamation of the former Town of Belle River and the former Townships of Maidstone, Rochester, Tilbury North and Tilbury West.  Lakeshore involves an area bordered on the north by the shoreline of Lake St. Clair, so the region was among the first in the interior of Canada to be explored and then settled by people of European descent.
Belle River Marina features beautiful Lakeview Park and Beach, and has an adjacent full service, deep water marina with over 270 seasonal and transient docks. Facilities include a restaurant, gas and pump-out services, 24 hour security, a double access boat ramp, washroom and private shower facilities.

Puce River Harbour Marina is another great destination for visitors who arrive by boat or by car.  Here, you’ll find the Sandbar Steak & Seafood Restaurant with expansive windows, fireplaces and a friendly staff.

The Lakeshore District is also rich with museums and historical sites, libraries, parks, hiking and bicycling trails, and so much more waiting for you to discover.

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