Lafayette Coney Island

(313) 964-8198

118 W Lafayette
Detroit 48226
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Lat: 42.3313250
Long: -83.0487066

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About Lafayette Coney Island
Best Coney dogs you have ever had. Lafayette Coney Island is always crowded, the seating cramped and the menu simple. However, the service is pure old school charm and even if you are a visitor, you'll be made to feel like a neighborhood regular. Lafayette is just one of those rare restaurants that you have heard about and that you go out of your way to visit when you are in town. Highly recommended is the regular Coney dog (loose meat "hamburgers" are also available) with its chili, diced onions and mustard. There isn't one better. The hot dogs are real, with a nice skin that makes for a savory bite that explodes in juiciness, just as it should. The buns are soft and fresh.The chili is spiced just right and no matter how you eat it, you better not be wearing a tie (or pants for that matter) that you really like. There is just no way to enjoy these dogs without worry to your wardrobe, but trust me, you won't care. If you are extra hungry, you'll find the fries perfectly cooked and when teamed with the chili makes for an amazing side of more deliciousness. Wash down with soda of your preference for full effect.
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