Lac Sainte Claire Ramp

27600 Jefferson
St. Clair Shores, MI
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Lat: 42.4962042
Long: -82.8886584

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About Lac Sainte Claire Ramp
The three boat ramps operated by the City of St. Clair Shores are restricted to residents of the City and their guests, with the exception of the Nine Mile Ramp, which is open to residents of Eastpointe. Residents possessing a park pass must pay$10.00 per personal watercraft every time they launch. Residents may also choose to purchase a seasonal boat ramp sticker for a one-time fee of $65.00 at the Parks and Recreation office. Boat ramp stickers are to be placed on the port side of the boat, directly below the MC number of the boat registered with our office. Watercraft without stickers properly affixed will be refused admittance by the gate attendant.
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Map - Directions