Islands District

Lat: 42.57736
Long: -82.54852

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About Islands District
The Islands District is full of surprises at every turn and every port.  Here, diverse scenery and friendly people await your arrival to help you discover islands that are interesting and historic.  Formed by the incredible the delta divided by the St. Clair River, the North Channel, the Middle Channel and the South Channel, life on these islands is part modern and part mired in the 1800s.
Perhaps the largest and best known of these is Harsens Island, where visitors take in wildlife, freighter watching and a host of other sights. Sportsmen are drawn to the abundance of hunting and fishing offered on the Island. Harsens Island is rich in history, from the pioneering days to the jewel of St. Clair River, where visitors would board the Tashmoo, a steamship, which would carry them from the city of Detroit to any one of the luxurious hotels available for their pleasure.  Today Harsens Island has nearly 2,000 full time residents, and from Memorial Day to Labor Day, that number swells considerably, as the "summer folk" come back to their cottages.

Also in the Islands District, you will find Dickinson Island with its many marshes and wetlands and dotted with homes and cottages, and home to the North Channel Yacht Club.  Adjacent to Dickinson Island is Russell Island with many year round residents and cottage owners. 

Also nestled in the region is Walpole Island, which is know as “Bkejwanong” or "where the waters divide." It has been home to aboriginal people for over six thousand years.  The Walpole Island Heritage Centre or Nin.da.waab.jig, (meaning "those who seek to find"), was officially founded in July 1989 as the research arm of the Walpole Island First Nation, dealing with land claims, environmental protection, and heritage conservation. Through the effective practices incorporated by the Centre, Walpole Island has become one of the first Native communities in Canada to take on a leadership role in the field of environment and sustainable development.  

The Islands District of Lake St. Clair has something for every interest and recreational activity.

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