Downtown Mount Clemens

(586) 469-4168

49 Macomb Place
Mount Clemens, MI 48043
Lat: 42.5980372
Long: -82.8783160

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About Downtown Mount Clemens
In 1983 a special Blue Ribbon Committee was appointed to discuss downtown concerns.  From recommendations of this committee the Mount Clemens Downtown Development Authority was established in April of 1983. The Goals and objectives of the DDA as stated in the act is, "to halt property value deterioration and increase property tax valuation where possible in the business district and to eliminate the causes of that deterioration and to promote economic growth". It is the belief of the DDA that by keeping the economy and vitality of the downtown healthy we also improve property values throughout the entire City of Mount Clemens as well as the quality of life for all of its residents. The Mount Clemens DDA also endorses and uses the Main Street Approach Management Philosophy of the National Trust for Historic Preservation that was first launched in 1977. This management philosophy has a four pronged approach to downtown management and revitalization.  The four elements are Organization, Promotion, Design and Economic Restructuring.  By applying the principles of this program, we utilize a time tested tool that has helped hundreds of communities just like Mount Clemens from all over the United States revitalize their downtown area and effectively manage it on an ongoing basis.
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