Boat Town District

Lat: 42.6148443
Long: -82.8023643
About Boat Town District
Boat Town is another name for Harrison Township.  The two are synonymous. 
The Boat Town District stretches from Jefferson to the south to the area adjacent to Selfridge Air Force Base, along
North River Road
to I-94.  Its most prominent geographic feature is its “peninsula” shape that juts out into Lake St. Clair.
At the northernmost portion of the peninsula is the mouth of the Clinton River, an impressive and navigable river that is home to multiple species of sport fish and dozens of marinas up and down its length.  The mouth of the Clinton River at
South River Road
is the site of the Harley Ensign Boat Launch, one of the largest and best equipped launch sites in the state. 
Boat Town is also where you’ll see dozens of boat dealerships and boat brokerage companies along North and South River Roads, where there’s a concentration of new and used power and sail craft available.  And where you’ll find boats and marinas, you’ll find the people, companies and storefronts that service them—from maintenance and supply firms to outfitters to tackle shops.
Boat Town is also home to two of the largest and most prestigious marinas—Belle Maer Harbor and MacRay Harbor.  Belle Maer and MacRay are neighboring marinas sitting on the southeast shore of Anchor Bay, one of the most popular areas for boating and swimming.  This area is also known as “Poor Man’s Beach” because of its popularity as an anchorage and swimming hole, where the water is waist deep with a sandy bottom.
Boat TownHarrison Township.  Different in some ways, but alike in many more.
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