Anna Scripts Whitcomb Conservatory

(313) 821-5428

Central Way & Inselruhe Ave
Detroit, MI 48207
Lat: 42.3394252
Long: -82.9865331

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About Anna Scripts Whitcomb Conservatory
In 1988, a small group of concerned Detroiters approached the city’s Recreation Department about restoring the overgrown Lily Pond Garden between the Aquarium and the Conservatory. After approval of this project, Detroit residents Bill Horman, a floriculturist (now retired) with the Conservatory, and Joe Stanton, a plant enthusiast, founded the Belle Isle Botanical Society (BIBS). Members were solicited; volunteers began the restoration. Today, there are over 60 named varieties of hosta, thanks to the late Mr. Stanton, in addition to various trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals in the Lily Pond area. BIBS volunteers also work in the other gardens around the Conservatory. BIBS provides a docent program that offers guided tours of the Conservatory headed by Ed Krappman, a 30-year volunteer for the Conservatory. BIBS volunteers also offer the Science Learning labs for school children. BIBS has hosted over 4,000 children in these labs who were delighted by the Conservatory and gardens.
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