Attention Businesses


Calendar of Events - Our calendar of events will be the most comprehensive list of activities on and around Lake St. Clair. Participating members will be able to post an unlimited number of events. We will also work to identify all major events - i.e. fishing tournaments, concerts, festivals, and races that take place though out the year. The calendar will serve as the most important tool to drive existing boaters and new visitors to the website on a continuous basis. It will be the place to go to learn about all the fun happenings on Lake St. Clair. In addition to the calendar of events, the LSC Initiative will have a position called “Lake Concierge” who will work with business to plan, promote and even host events.
Profile Page - Each participating business will receive a “homepage” within the site that will provide all the basic information a customer needs to learn about the business. The design of the website will allow different types of users to find your business within in the site from numerous different paths (see next items) The amount of information each business will be allowed will be determined by their membership level (see members benefits for details).
Business Listings Page - Within the website one of the main methods that users will use to search for businesses is the Main Menu that will list business by categories. Each category of business (i.e. marinas, restaurants, charters, etc.) will have a listings page where users will be able to view a complete list all the businesses in that category. Listings may be arranged on a rotating basis or possibly a priority fee basis. Either way, business at higher membership levels will be provided a more attractive listing that will allow for greater detail, thus increasing the likelihood that users will click on their business.
Business Directory - Another method for users to locate a specific business by category will be through a “Mall Style” directory within the website. The “mall style directory” would mimic the types of directories you see in a mall - listing businesses by categories. Higher level members would have the benefit of a larger font and/or improved look that provides emphasis to their business and increases the likelihood that a user will click on their link.
Interactive Map - The interactive map feature will serve as the major navigation system within the website. It will allow users to view visually see the Lake and surrounding area and zoom into areas of interest, turn on and off different categories of businesses, scroll over specific businesses to view a pop up with more information, and click on picture and video links. The amount of detail provided in each “pop up” window for individual businesses will be determined their respective membership level.
“Featured Business” - The homepage of any website is the most valuable real estate because that page receives more visitor hits than any other on the site. Therefore, we want to give every business the opportunity to get the greatest exposure possible. To accomplish this, a section on website’s homepage will be reserved to profile an individual business on a rotating basis. Higher level members will receive more placements on the site throughout the year.
Print Publications - As the web is not the only method people will want to explore the many great businesses and assets of Lake St. Clair, we will also be developing a full color magazine dedicated to promoting the Lake. Here people will be able to read about excursions, best ofs, businesses and all the great activities of the Lake. Members of the Initiative will also receive a print ad, the size of which will be based on the level of membership. Planned print also includes a full color “hero” brochure showcasing the Lake’s assets, along with a series of smaller tri-fold brochures targeting relevant areas of interest for boaters and non-boaters.
Professional Copy - A key services that members will have the option to capitalize on is access to a professional writer who will assist them in preparing a powerful description for the “Profile Page” designed to clearly communicate to users the benefit of their business. Also, available to Gold Members is the opportunity to have a full article developed about their business. These articles will be shared as features on the website, will be linked to from the company’s “Profile Page” and can be used in e-mail marketing campaigns.
Professional Photography - Because an image is worth a thousand words, the LSC Initiative seeks to increase consumer interest of Lake St. Clair and its businesses through sharing high quality imagery with users. Members will have access to a professional photographer who will visit the location to capture imagery that will be shared thorough numerous sections on the website.
Lead Generation - Businesses will have the ability to stimulate and capture customer inquiries through the site. Our team will assist business in design their "Profile Page" with a call to action that designed to increase the chance that the user will utilize the query form.